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The blogger’s favorite masturbation video….


Hearing the audio alone makes me cum so hard…


JAXON JAXOFF!!  Vids of the luscious Quinn are so few and far between, I make no apology for reblogging this yet again, in case you haven’t already seen it.  See more of Quinn Jaxon here


Kurt Madison cum (aka Quinn Christopher Jaxon) ♥ ♥

More than a craft, self love is an art form….


True Love

MAGAZINE FEATURE: Practicing Our Manly Craft, No. 12 (The Art of Masturbation) in Craftmanship Series* (No. 1 of 2)

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We are craftsmen before we become artists.  Mastering the masturbatory craft takes years of practice before all of the techniques and feelings truly come together in a fine art form.  We enjoy the exquisite lead up to climax, the explosive splendor of orgasm itself, and the lingering, restful aftermath.


For more masturbation videos: Enter masturbationvid or uncutmasturbationvid in the Search field (right sidebar, my blog).  For additional pages (if any): add /page/2 or /page/3 to the URL.

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